There are many experimental utensils and instruments used in the laboratory, such as test tubes, measuring cylinders, beakers, flasks, conical flasks, etc. In the laboratory, the cleanliness of the equipment is relatively high, because it will have a decisive impact on the accuracy of the experimental results. Therefore, the equipment must be cleaned before the experiment. If there is residual material on the wall of the vessel, please use the appropriate tube brush to clean.

There are two common cleaning methods for laboratory cleaning of test tubes and other utensils:

The first is to use an appropriately sized tube brush for cleaning. Many experimental test tubes will have obvious substances that are not easy to clean on the inner wall or bottom after use. This is to use a suitable size test tube brush to pull up and down or rotate 360 degrees to clean the tube wall and the bottom of the test tube.

The second method is to use it for some test tubes with stubborn residues on surface, that is, use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean them. Ultrasonic energy energy can penetrate the inner wall of glassware and some difficult-to-clean positions such as tiny gaps, small holes, and dead ends to make it clean. If the effect is not satisfactory, you can also add some decontamination powder and detergent for washing. You can choose the cleaning method according to the degree of contamination and the different nature of the dirt.

Bottle cleaning brush

The test tube brush is twisted and formed by the brush wire and the skeleton. It is a non-standard product. Its diameter, curl length and total length can be customized according to the requirements of use, the brush wire material can be selected according to the requirements of use, the commonly used brush wire There are PA, PP, PET, PE, PBT and pig hair; the diameter of the tail winding can also be customized.

In order to clean better, the head of the tube brush can also be handled, common is the head dispensing, sector processing, single root winding back, cotton head processing, cutting, around the flower of these several processes, the tail can also be installed according to different preferences of different materials, shapes of the handle, the simplest of course is the circle processing.

Tube cleaning Brush