How to choose the high-quality roller cleaning brush?

1. First of all, we need to consider the strength of the brush wire of the product. The materials with high hardness are stainless steel wire, copper wire, steel wire, abrasive wire, etc., while nylon wire, PVC and other materials are soft;

2. Next, we need to consider the density of the brush. The higher the density of the brush, the more obvious the cleaning or polishing effect will be.

3. The brush body of the industrial brush roller is also very important. It is necessary to consider the outer diameter and coaxiality of the brush body to meet the standard of the equipment, and there can be no error;

4. Need to go through the tensile test, the test reached the standard to qualify;

5. If it is a water absorption roller brush, we also need to consider the smoothness of the roller brush body and its water absorption and elasticity;

6. For the selection of this piece we must strictly check, brush wire and brush body using materials must be qualified standards;