How to install the door bottom brush?

In order to seal a gap around your door, you need to know 2 things:

  1. How big is the gap at its largest point? This will tell you what brush length you need and how wide the holder needs to be.
  2. How wide and/or tall is the door? This will tell you what length brush and holder you will need.

It doesn’t matter how crooked the door is or how much settling has occurred. As long as the door can open and close, the right brush can compensate for any irregularities in the gap size. So, when measuring for the brush length, measure the gaps size at the largest point. If you have a gap that is 1/8 inch at its narrowest but is ½ inch at its largest, then order a weatherseal with a ½ inch brush length.


  • Hack saw- for cutting the holder to length
  • Cutting pliers- to cut the brush to length (Cutting brush requires a tool with pinching action. It’s important not to use a saw when cutting brush. Using a saw will result in the brush filament falling out of the channel that holds it in place. Pinching it closed as it is cut keeps this from happening.)
  • Phillips head screw driver- for attaching brush weatherseal to door

Optional Tools:

  • Drill with Phillips bit (instead of screw driver)
  • Double-backed tape- door bottom brush can be installed using heavy-duty double-backed tape.
  • Pencil or other marking device
  • Ball peen hammer

General Instructions for installation on any type of door. Refer to the links above for more specific information.

  • Measure the door edge where the brush seal will be installed.
  • If the brush and holder are too long, you will need to cut them to fit.
    • Slide the brush out of the holder. If it’s too tight, use a screw drive to open the holder channel.
    • Cut the holder to size with the hack saw.
    • Cut the brush to size with cutting pliers.
    • Reinsert brush into holder. (If you had to loosen the holder channel, you can use a ball peen hammer to tap it back into place.)
  • Place the holder (with the brush reinserted) against the door and adjust it so that the tip of the brush just touches the ground surface at the lowest point.
  • Mark the left-most or right-most hole location. (You may need a helper if you have a really long door).
  • With holder in place, insert the screw in the marked location and tighten just until you have a little play in the weatherseal but it’s tight enough to provide some support while you continue the installation.
  • With the brush seal partially attached, make sure the brush just touches the surface at the lowest point. The flexibility of the filaments in the brush allows it to bend and conform to rough or bumpy surfaces, making a more complete seal than solid-type seals.
  • Install the next screw in the hole furthest from the 1st one. Again, leave a little play. Double check that the gap is sealed and the brush touches the surface at the lowest point. Make any necessary adjustments up or down. Install the remaining screws and tighten up the ones you installed at the beginning.
Installed properly, Door bottom brush can last the life of the door.



Door Bottom Brush is made up from the strip brush and the holder . This Door Bottom Brush is fitted with a row of densely compressed nylon filaments to seal the gap under and around doors.The door bottom’s high quality bristles conforms well to surface irregularities and stay flexible in the cold or heat. Can be custom cut to size.


Why the door strip brushes are important for our life?

A complete door strip brush is containing the strip brush and the brush holder. The Brush holder could fix the strip brush on the place where you want.

Door Strip Brushes are widely installed on the bottom of hotel door, room door, rolling door, warehouse, garage door etc.

Door Strip Brushes  have the fuction isolate the dust, garbage, smell, bugs, the isolated space clean, and save some energy.

If you need some more info about the door strip brushes, you are welcome  to contact us on any time.






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