• Product Name: Coconut Fiber Cleaning Brush
  • Free samples:  Available.
  • Payment term: TT / Paypal /Western Union
  • Trade Terms: FOB/CIF/CFR/EXW
  • Lead time: Within 3 Weeks
  • Package: Hard cardboard box/plywood case/pallet
  • MOQ: 500 PCS

Coconut Fiber Bottle Brush, the eco-friendly and sustainable choice for all your bottle and container cleaning needs. This versatile cleaning tool is designed to make your cleaning tasks efficient while minimizing your environmental footprint.

  • Key Features:

    • Eco-Friendly Material: Our Coconut Fiber Bottle Brush features natural coconut fiber bristles, sourced from renewable coconut husks, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers.
    • Efficient Cleaning: The dense and resilient coconut fiber bristles effectively remove stains, residue, and grime from the inside of bottles and containers, leaving them sparkling clean.
    • Gentle on Surfaces: The coconut fiber bristles are tough on dirt but gentle on glass, plastic, and delicate surfaces, preventing scratches or damage.
    • Durable Handle: The ergonomic and sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip and allows for extended use without discomfort.
    • Versatile: This brush is suitable for a wide range of cleaning tasks, from cleaning water bottles and baby bottles to wine glasses and vases.
    • Easy to Clean: The brush is easy to rinse and can be hung for convenient storage.


    • Kitchen: Use it to clean reusable water bottles, thermoses, and narrow-necked pitchers.
    • Baby Care: Ideal for cleaning baby bottles and sippy cups, ensuring your little one’s safety.
    • Entertainment: Keep your wine glasses and champagne flutes sparkling for your next celebration.


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