• Product Name: Brass Wire Strip Brush
  • Free samples:  Available.
  • Payment term: TT / Paypal /Western Union
  • Trade Terms: FOB/CIF/CFR/EXW
  • Lead time: Within 3 Weeks
  • Package: Hard cardboard box/plywood case/pallet
  • MOQ: 500 PCS

Brass Wire Strip Brush is suitable for cleaning steel parts, machinery, unprocessed metal parts, paint stains, special corrosion, without damaging the surface

Brass Wire Strip Brush consists of the brass wire fillings with a center wire laid down over a continuous flat steel belt formed into a “U” shape channel. The brass wire fillings pinned down by the center wire and inserted into the “U” shape mental channel. As the mental channel is squeezed tightly and closes over the center wire causes the fillings to form vertically into a Brush.

Brass wire strip brush mainly use on the polishing industry! Below is some of  its application.


  • surface cleaning
  • surface roughening
  • dusting and rust cleaning
  • external pipe cleaning
  • internal pipe cleaning
  • sealing
  • produce washing
  • filter cleaning
  • screen cleaning
  • conveyer cleaning
  • product separation

Product Construction:

Product Specification: