Is it necessary to use a test tube cleaning brush to clean the test tube?

  • “Is it necessary to use a test tube brush to clean the test tube? Is it okay to just rinse with water?”

Many people have this question. the answer is negative. Because there may be excess liquid and chemical substances remaining in the test tube after the experiment, just washing with water will not necessarily remove the substance. The residue may affect the accuracy of the future experiment or even cause damage, so it must be brushed with a test tube. Scrub the remaining material.


Test tube cleaning brushes are mainly used to clean test tubes in chemical laboratories. Its handle is made of metal such as iron, and the upper end is a flexible cylindrical brush with some protruding bristles. To match the test tubes of different lengths and diameters, the test tube brushes also have different sizes. The test tube brush also has an indelible contribution in medicine or pipelines. It can clean the sides and top of the pipeline, even if it is deep, because the test tube brush is a customized product, and various specifications and styles can be customized.

  • The methods of cleaning the test tube with the suitable test cleaning brush

Moisten the test tube to be cleaned or pour one-half volume of distilled water, then extend the test tube brush into the test tube make the top bristles close to the bottom of the test tube, then move the handle of the test tube brush up and down to clean the inner wall of the test tube while rotating the test tube brush. After cleaning, take out the test tube cleaning brush. If the distilled water inside the test tube neither gathers into water droplets nor flows down in a stream, it is cleaned up. Then put the test tube upside down on the test tube rack.


  • what we need to pay attention when cleaning and brushing test tubes?

1. We must choose the appropriate test tube cleaning brush for cleaning according to the shape and height of test instruments such as test tubes, graduated cylinders and other test instruments. Unclean test tubes will have a lot of impact on future experimental results and experimental personnel.

2. When scrubbing the test tube , the test tube must be rotated or moved up and down, but the force should not be too strong to prevent damage to the test tube or corrosive chemicals that may cause injury, so take preventive measures and be extra careful.

3. Grease is attached to the inner wall of the test tube, and it cannot be washed with tap water. Because the oil is insoluble in water, it cannot be washed off with water and needs to be cleaned with a specific cleaning fluid.

4. Wash the test tube in time. Because it is easy to judge the nature of the residue at that time; in some chemical experiments, the residue after the reaction is poured in time, and the inner wall of the test tube will not leave any residue that is difficult to remove, but after a period of time, the volatile solvent escapes and there is residue The substance adheres to the inner wall of the test tube, making washing more difficult. So after use, clean the test tube with a test tube brush in time.

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