How To Clean The Thermos Bottle With A Suitable Bottle Cleaning Brush?

If you’ve ever filled a thermos with anything else, like coffee or juice, you’ll find the flavors really linger.

However, cleaning a thermos is a tricky task. It’s hard to clean every nook and cranny without using a bottle cleaning brush.

How do you clean a reusable thermos easier?

What you’ll need: hot water, baking soda, bottle cleaning brush(bottle  cleaner), straw cleaning brush (straw cleaner).

Operation method:

  1. Unscrew the lid of the thermos flask, pull out the straw, remove the rubber gasket, and remove

Anything that can be removed for cleaning;

  1. To make detergent: Mix 1/4 cup baking soda with hot (not boiling) water;
  2. Fill the thermos with detergent;Soak the rest of the thermos flask

Remove and soak overnight;

  1. Pour the detergent out of the thermos flask, pour a little warm water, and wipe all corners

Dip a bottle brush into the cleanser and brush the gaps until the thermos looks good

Clean without odor, and then rinse with water;

  1. Clean the inside of the straw: brush the suction mouth of the straw with the straw.
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