Can you Assemble the Strip Brush in to Aluminium Holder Quickly ?

Are you presently wondering why it is difficult to assemble the strip brush into the aluminum alloy profile. 
A lot of customers have this kind of concerns, when the strip brush installed in the aluminum alloy profile, the brush bristle of the strip brush will be embedded in the aluminum groove, and here will be crooked hairs and jam. Do you think that the specification is not customized, right? Don’t worry, Bolexbrush have an answer for you!


Strip brush form Bolex Brush

 In fact, this is not a problem with your specifications, because the corners of the aluminum alloy profile are very sharp, it is easy to hook the brush bristle  when the brush is inserted, so the above-mentioned situation is prone to occur. Now Bolexbrush will teach you how to easily install the strip brush into the aluminum alloy profile. We only need to prepare a simple small tool-sharpening. We use a sharpening knife to flatten the edges and corners of one end of the aluminum alloy profile a little (not sharp by hand), and then insert the strip brush from the flattened end to easily assemble. The jams issue will be solved. Have you got the quick assembly skills of aluminum alloy strip brushes? Go ahead and practice!

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